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What Denny Burk and Eve Ensler Have In Common

Misogyny and hate don’t exist on a linear scale. They intersect with all kinds of identities and lives. A black woman’s experience of misogyny is different from my experience of misogyny which is different from a trans woman of color’s experience of misogyny. Each of these differing experiences highlights the need for comprehensive, complicated approaches to reforming systems, instead of the simplistic “one oppression at a time” approach. Marriage equality is a trans issue and purity culture is a trans issue and reproductive rights are a trans issue. All these things are also black and Native issues and gay issues and bisexual issues and disability issues and mental health issues.

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Practical Praxis: Choosing Your Battles

Lots of supposed allies to the feminist movement think that there is something to be gained from engaging our ideological opponents at every opportunity – if we don’t spend our time arguing with them over this, how can we possibly affect change? And that’s a legitimate argument in some respects – ideology enacted in isolated groups is quite dangerous, cultish behavior. But it’s also an argument that frequently comes with an unwieldy burden on marginalized persons – this is how educating our oppressors about our oppression becomes A Thing. It forces us to justify our existence to people who don’t give a rat’s ass about it one way or the other.

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Queering Theology: Defining

Something being a social construction means that our understanding of it is built off a human construction of identity and values, which also means it is infinitely changeable. The project of queer theologies, then, is to break up that previously normative social construction, to show it for the façade it is, and to bring some new ideas into the world that challenge and transgress those binaries.

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