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On Not Being a Person: The Relationship Between Rightwing Evangelicalism and Radical Feminism

I forget sometimes, when I am discussing Radical Feminism, if I’m really talking about feminism or the fundamentalist thought I internalized for so many years. The thinking is much the same, when it comes down to it. A woman’s choices are never their own – we are unable to choose for ourselves because we will be vetted constantly, either as representatives of Church of Biblical Womanhood or representatives of the Good Church of Radical Womanhood. Both offer harsh punishment if I fail to perform my femininity correctly; both use male violence as an unstoppable force to keep women from making the “wrong choices.

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Convert or Perish: Is The Evangelical Church Inherently Violent?

In the world of Empire, we are all the same at the foot of the Cross. We are all white. We are all cisgender. We are all straight. We are all American. We are all middle class. We are all able-bodied. We are all physically fit. If we do not fit any of these molds, we will be made to fit this mold by the Empire – or suffer the consequences.

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Lacking Incarnation: Transphobia, Erasure, and the Church's Mistakes

When trans* people are cast as people who are essentially lying about themselves and their identities to everyone else in their lives, they are Othered to the point where whatever violence occurs is their fault. Casting trans* people as con artists places upon them the sins of betrayal, of deception and treason. This narrative allows cis people to excuse our complicity because if trans* people are liars, then they are simply not good people.

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