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Privilege Insulating Itself: A Case of Traveling Abroad

Financially, studying or living abroad remains the purview of the economically privileged, which I was at the time and still kind of am. We were informed during orientation at Oxford that our identification cards represented thousands of dollars in tuition money and that we needed to respect the access that this gave us. We were considered students of the university, with access to the various faculty (subject-specific) libraries, the famous Bodleian, and lectures. We could tour almost every college for free (some charged a couple of pounds if you weren’t a student of that specific college) and we got student discounts at the local shops. We were given stipends for food each month and had food groups that ate dinner together every night of the week, with “family meal” on Wednesdays when the entire house ate together. Our stipend didn’t need to be used for just food, and I used mine to pay for tickets to plays and local improv shows and books required for my tutorials (though many of those books were accessible from the libraries).

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