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#PurityCultureTaughtMe: Stories and Why They Matter

But, there’s a sea change happening. Our stories are becoming too loud to ignore. The explanations are becoming hollow and more obviously untrue. Our lives, our experiences, cannot be explained away as isolated incidents, as failures of individual personality, as a misapplication of theology. The problems with purity culture and the purity movement are systemic and they cannot be changed by simply making sure individuals don’t “take the theology the wrong way” or by excluding individual narratives from the overall story. You don’t get to claim your movement as a success if you refuse to take the data from those your movement failed.

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The Internet's Race Wars: Toxic Twitter, Criticism, and Forced Teaming

The prevailing whiteness of such critique of the “toxic” social media battles cannot be ignored – and it cannot be wiped away with an acknowledgement that the person writing is white. When discussing any kind of interpersonal conflict within social justice issues, the race and the social location of each participant must be taken into perspective. But when begging for grace, progressives, and progressive Christians, in particular, find themselves begging for grace for those critiqued as opposed to grace for those hurt by the original offense. The re-centering of the privileged is quick and subtle.

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Binary Thinking, Perfectionism, and the Magic of White Feminism

But the thing about being on the “same side” is that it’s binary thinking. It assumes the enemy is an Other, something obviously identifiable. Such rhetoric flattens any discussion of microaggressions and what “helping” and “allyship” actually look like. If merely pledging oneself to be an ally is what made someone an ally, perhaps things would be easier. But such declarations forget the power dynamics at play.

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