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It's Time for White People to Be Quiet and Listen

Now is not the time to talk. Now is the time to listen, to stand alongside, to hold our siblings in their pain, to realize that their pain runs deep and cannot be solved by a patchwork of goodwill and kind intentions. This conversation will require a radical decentering of the self – a sacrifice of our pride, our beliefs about who we are, and a willingness to love the other to the point of giving up our very selves. This is what reconciliation demands of us. Read black voices. Listen to their stories. Learn.

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The White Church, Purity Culture, and Ferguson

Purity culture has always had a racial component. As I’ve written before, purity culture is, itself, the result of white religious and cultural authorities fearing the growth of the sexual revolution and the Civil Rights Movements and its effect on white women in the church. The fear was that white women would adopt the “sinfulness” already assumed in communities of color – that free sexual agency meant that white women would be "at risk." Purity culture, despite its attempts at and proclamations toward a post-racial, colorblind view of the world, is deeply invested in protecting whiteness. And purity culture achieves this goal through the demonization and hypersexualization of black bodies – as seen in the microcosm of Lauten’s criticism of the Obama daughters.

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On Whiteness as Christlikeness: James H. Cone

As a white person reading this theology, I must place myself in the shoes and the context of existing as an oppressor and acknowledge that my theology is, in its very basis, soaked in white, Western concepts of atonement and suffering. It is heartless and unloving of me to preach the Good Word as something that ignores the current suffering of the oppressed in favor of a heavenly worship at the feet of a God who looks like me. My whiteness is as intrinsic to that particular theology as blackness is intrinsic to Cone’s – but being the dominant form, I am not trained by life to see that whiteness.

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