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Theological Diversity is a Matter of Justice, Not Aesthetics

Thus Relevant’s white list is not merely an aesthetic problem. It’s a problem of deepest justice. This exclusion cuts deeper than mere representation, to the point of contributing to a white supremacist outlook on the world and on God. If your theological input is all white and all male, your church is going to reflect these same values.

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On Whiteness as Christlikeness: James H. Cone

As a white person reading this theology, I must place myself in the shoes and the context of existing as an oppressor and acknowledge that my theology is, in its very basis, soaked in white, Western concepts of atonement and suffering. It is heartless and unloving of me to preach the Good Word as something that ignores the current suffering of the oppressed in favor of a heavenly worship at the feet of a God who looks like me. My whiteness is as intrinsic to that particular theology as blackness is intrinsic to Cone’s – but being the dominant form, I am not trained by life to see that whiteness.

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