Challenge your preconceptions

In today's rapidly changing world, as long held parameters of sexuality broaden, can the evangelical purity movement continue to preach that sex before marriage absolutely labels you damaged goods?

Dianna E. Anderson’s thoughtful, scholarly and spiritually-centered perspective on sexuality, purity and a loving God answers this question with a resounding NO.

This honest and soul-searching exploration is ground-breaking, a must-read for contemporary Christian youth – indeed for everyone, young and old, women and men – seeking to understand and live happily with their sexual selves and religious beliefs without overwhelming guilt and fear.

The result is her game-changing redefinition of purity that shatters Evangelical Christianity’s stranglehold on young believers’ minds and bodies as they make their difficult way toward becoming adults. Certain to ignite heated discussions both pro and con, DAMAGED GOODS brings a breath of fresh air into contemporary Christian beliefs about sex, faith and politics. 

Praise for Damaged Goods

"With this smart, incisive debut, Dianna Anderson lights the path forward for those seeking fresh perspectives on Christian sexual ethics that make sense in everyday life.  Instructive but not preachy, challenging but not strident, Damaged Goods empowers readers to think for themselves in considering what science, scripture, culture, and experience tell us about sexuality. Bringing important new insights to the conversation, Anderson writes with the wisdom of a beloved teacher and the transparency of a good friend. She has established herself as one of our culture’s most important voices on sexuality, one I hope we will continue to heed for many years to come."

Rachel Held Evans, author of Faith Unraveled and A Year of Biblical Womanhood

"Damaged Goods is an important read for anyone struggling with strict teachings on sexuality and purity. Anderson's book provides a welcome alternative and corrective to punitive sexual teachings that harm the lives of many well-meaning Christians."

Anthea Butler, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Damaged Goods is a most important book, an honest, thoroughly researched, and eye-opening commentary about the culture of ‘Christian purity.’ With clarity and grace, Dianna E. Anderson offers frank and compelling proof for why the purity movement’s effects are harmful, unhealthy, and biblically unfounded. Perhaps most affecting to her point is Anderson’s willingness to pour her own narrative into Damaged Goods, which not only enriches the book’s analysis but gives Anderson the chance to shine as a writer. And whether she’s challenging our predetermined ideas about chastity or shining new light on what it means to be pure, this first time author indeed shines.”

Matthew Paul Turner, author of Our Great Big American God and Churched