My goal is to make this blog a safe space for discussion for survivors, women, and other marginalized populations. As such, I have a few basic principles that I try to follow that I would like my readers to take into account in their comments.

First, assume people are telling the truth about their experiences. Asking questions is welcome, but it must begin from a place where we assume in good faith that if someone has shared a story, that story is true, as are their feelings about it.

Second, avoid "[x] is bad, but..." statements. I discuss a lot of serious topics in space, and "bad, but" statements tend toward blaming victims of whatever "x" is - especially when "x" is often rape, abuse, or other horrific crimes. If you are going to say "but," try to think carefully about what follows.

Third, respect the anger of your fellow commenters. Personal attacks are absolutely out. However, a person's perceived anger, snark, or harsh tone don't actually harm an argument. Ask yourself: "am I upset because they aren't being nice enough for me? Or am I upset because I actually disagree?"

I consider this a somewhat Feminism 201 space, if you will - often, there are topics and concepts that may not be immediately clear. Ask, and I'll try to direct you to resources.