Blog Comment Policy

I try to follow some basic blog etiquette in creating a safer space to comment for my readers. You'll find those guidelines below.

Ban Worthy Offenses

  1. Rape apologism, abuse apologism, rhetoric that demonstrates a lack of willingness to protect survivors.
  2. Triggering jokes about rape, assault, and other violence.
  3. Ad hominem attacks.
  4. Gendered, homophobic, racist, and transphobic slurs. Actually, any slurs.

I will not edit your comments in any way - if they are problematic enough, I will simply delete them.

Practices to Avoid

  1. Try to avoid remarking on someone's tone - it doesn't actually add anything to the argument, and chances are, you're reading into anyway.
  2. It is rare that "but what about men?!" is a relevant question. More often than not, it's a way to pull the focus away from the topic at hand. Please don't do it.
  3. Don't ask other commenters to educate you if they mention something you're unfamiliar with. I help out as needed, but we only have so much time in the day. Google!
  4. REALLY LONG COMMENTS. Seriously, if you're passing 600 words, go write a response post on your blog. I try to read those as I can.

Additionally, as the brilliant Captain Awkward put it in her comment policy (and which I’ve reprinted here with permission):

Having your comment deleted or being asked to stop commenting in a particular thread or to move on from a topic of discussion is IN NO WAY an invitation for you to send me lengthy emails detailing your thoughts. If I wanted to read Your Thoughts I would have let you keep posting them.

So basically, don't be a jerk, and we'll get along.

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